sina-windowThomasina was selected to be Connecticut State Troubadour for 2005 & 2006. This highly esteemed and honorary position allowed her to be Connecticut’s Ambassador for music and song. Thomasina is an internationally recognized mountain dulcimer player, singer, and songwriter whose performances weave together the best of traditional and contemporary folk music. Her music has been aired in over twenty countries across the globe. Called a “charismatic” performer, she touches audiences with a simplicity, humanity, and strength drawn from the deep roots of the folk tradition. Her freshness and vitality surprise people, often evoking unexpected emotional responses from first time audiences and loyal fans alike.

singing-hands-out-2There are no spectators at Thomasina’s concerts. Her infectious energy draws audiences into joyous participation- singing, clapping, drumming or even playing along on an instrument she provides. She performs solo, or with a dynamic back-up band that consists of a world-class percussionist and bass player.


Thomasina sings, composes music and plays the mountain dulcimer. Her voice has been described as “both sweet and strong with a moving spiritual strain.” Her original and traditional compositions and arrangements appeal to a wide range of audiences – from children to grandparents. After years of work on the mountain dulcimer, Thomasina’s unique and complex adaptation of the instrument with its sweet simple sound has become one of her trademarks.

While it is possible to appreciate Thomasina’s music through her recordings, one must attend a concert in order to truly experience her magic.

Recording Artist

Thomasina has recordings for both children and adults:

Chasing Cloud Shadows, is her 2003 release that has received international acclaim and airplay in over twenty countries across the globe. It has been described as “pure sunlight, a dazzling marriage of new and traditional folk music, jazz, country and bluegrass that makes for an hour of joyous listening.”

Released in 1999, Holding Back the Night, blends the dulcimer and her voice with world beat percussion, traditional instrumentals, original compositions, and contemporary folk songs. This recording received national and international acclaim.

A Peaceful Storm, a Mountain Dulcimer Journey Through Songs and Instrumentals was released in 1995. This eclectic collection of music shows the many moods and faces of the mountain dulcimer.

Let’s Pretend, Original and Traditional Folk Songs for Children is Thomasina’s first solo release. It has been called “One of the Best of the Best children’s recordings of 1994” by the Emergency Librarian Magazine.

In the Spring of 2000,Thomasina was included in Mel Bay Publication’s, Dulcimer 2000, book which features solos by the world’s best mountain dulcimer players.


"Thomasina’s sweet and soulful vocal styling...the beauty of this release becomes apparent with each successive listening...a wonderfully integrated contemporary collection of songs...a beautiful recording..." - Tom Druckenmiller, Sing Out! Magazine

"A beautiful girl, a great voice, an old instrument, three elements that form together a new star at the folk firmament." - Peter Kranendonk,Spek Met Peren & Irish Coffee, Radio Hoeksche Waard, The Netherlands

"Just a quick e-note to say i LOVE your CD!!! WOW. It's just fabulous! Gorgeous songs, your amazing voice, incredible musicality, and such tasteful beautiful arrangements!!! I just totally love it." - Joanne Hammil

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Music Improvisation This is a FUN workshop! Throw away the tab and bring your instrument for an inspiring session of music making in a supportive atmosphere. Improvisation is a moment to moment experience which allows a musician to take a leap from the familiar into the unknown. Improvisational techniques developed by the Music for People curriculum will allow students to explore their own musical possibilities. All instruments and voices welcomed.

Basic Rhythm and Timing (All instruments & levels) “They say that timing is everything.”  Learn how to read basic music notation from standard music sheets, as well as from dulcimer tablature. Time signatures, note values, and “bump diddies” will be discussed. Bring your hands for clapping.

A Singing Circle The first two instruments are the human heart (source of all rhythm) and the voice. Come join the group in a joyful hour of singing a variety of chants, songs, rounds and sounds. Feel free to bring your own song or round to teach and present to the circle. No musical experience required.

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