Children's Quotes

(All spelling errors are the children’s)

Native American Workshop, Grade 2, Simsbury, CT

"I enjoyed singing songs with you. I hope I see you again. You were a great teacher." - Leah

"Thank you for coming in and teaching us all about singing… I felt like we were in a big
singing comunity…I just loved the lesons we learned like ‘Whatever you do to the web you do to yourself.’" - Annabelle

"I felt my heart singing when we sang songs." - Ryan

"I had a blast singing all the songs, especially Walk in Beauty because of the lesson. The lesson is the world in beauty because you are beauty." - Will

"I loved all the tuching adventshurs we went on together! My favorit part was the Talking Stick. To me it was like our souls were tied together on a string. The I Am poem was a suprb idea." - Jadens

"Thank you for teaching us the Native American ways. When we made the web, it broght us together like a community and like a famaliy of spiders. But it really touches my heart when the lessons in the songs teach us. We relly found the beuty in our hearts." - Rosalie

"It realy toutched my hart when we sang, The Earth is Our Mother. When we made the web I felt we were in a community." - Caitlin

"I had the best time reading all of the I Am poems. I relly felt it in my heart when we sang Walk in Beauty because when you sing that song I just fell like evrythin is beautiful" - Brad

Math Residency, Easton, CT, Grade 1

"I never thaet that math was so important and interesing. Befor you came I thaet that
math was just plane old numbers. I never rellisd math and music could be a grat
combanashan. Thanks to you!" - Sophie

"I like math with Miss Thomasina because it is fun." -Christian, Grade 1, Easton, CT

"Thank you for helping us getting rede for the town meeting…And helping us write
songs and learning math. - Alec

"Thank you for singing with us. I liked learning all the math songs. I love math!" - Robby

"Thank you for teaching us how to do music with math. You are nice. I like to sing." - Janelle

"I like songs and math. And it is fun." - Lily

Dulcimer Building and Connecticut Studies, Enfield, CT, Grade 4

"Thank you so much for teaching us about Connecticut. I’ve learned so much. Now I don’t have to ask my big sister how to spell Connecticut. I have it all in my head. I wish to be like you when I grow up." - Nesma

"…I loved learning about CT because we learned through music and I enjoyed that." - Hannah

" It was fun learning about Connecticut through music." - Toni

"Thank you for helping us learn more about Connecticut and spending your time with us. Thank you for showing us how to construct and play dulcimers. Thank you!!" - Kariem

"Thank you for helping us with the dulcimers. Thank you for teaching us some songs and thank you for teaching us about Connecticut. I learned a lot of things like our state dance and our state flower and our state mammal." - Kara

"Thank you for teaching us how to play the dulcimer and construct it too. I had fun square danceing. I also enjoyed learning about Connecticut." - Drew

Connecticut Studies, Pleasant Valley, Grade 4

"Thank you for teaching us about Connecticut in a very fun way. I love how we did a lot of arts like drawing, writing, playing instruments and dancing." - Kenny

"Thank you for helping us to learn about Connecticut in a fun way." - Jaclyn

"I appreciate you teaching so much about our history." - Jenny

"Thank you for helping us write songs about Connecticut and for teaching us your songs that you wrote. I really enjoy writing the songs and I want to write my own song about life and what goes on like what you do or where you go." - Ana

"Thank you for helping us create music and for listening to our ideas, Ms Levy. I appreciate how you helped us be better singers." - Kayla

"Ms. Levy you have taught us so many things. You even helped us write our own song. You also helped us write or own verse to Yankee Doodle. So what I’m trying to say is "thanks." You were so much fun.!" - Nick


"The concert was very exciting. I hope you come back and teach us some more songs." - Christopher, Grade 4, Colebrook, CT

"I asked my uncle to take me back to the museum this weekend..." - 6th Grade Student, Enfield, CT

"I wish you could stay all year. I had a great experience at the museum and you make me want to go back." - Matthew F., Grade 6, Enfield, CT