Dulcimer Workshop Quotes

From Beginners

"What can I say? Thomasina is an excellent teacher for beginner dulcimer. Our class had a wide range of students with differing amounts of musical experience and abilities. She was able to keep the class together and each student was able to progress at his/her own pace without being held back or left behind. This is not an easy thing to do. I could not be happier with the instruction I received. I’ll be back!"

"Sina is an excellent teacher. She introduced material and explained until we understood. She had us go over the songs slow enough and long enough for us to learn them. She was very concerned about each student and was open for suggestions of songs we wanted to learn. Having one teacher for the beginner class was wonderful and helped us to bond and learn more. Before the week was over we had learned many songs, studied a little theory, learned to tune our dulcimer, know the difference in ADD and DAD and tuned and played in both, a little pickin’, capote. It was a real overview and basic class."

"Thomasina is an excellent teacher. Very patient. Provided us with appropriate music – gave attention to each student. Class size of 10 was just right."

"Very good pedagogical approach, clear instructions, inspired teacher – fun to be with, very patient, very good rapport between fellow students!"

"Thomasina was able to blend the talents of 10 diverse people from those who knew very little of music to those who had a more extensive background, and make us into a cohesive group. She was very enthusiastic and supportive. I would love to take another class from her some day. I felt very challenged and learned a great deal."

"There are not enough words in my vocabulary to describe how wonderful she was as a person and as a teacher. On a scale of 1 to 10, she was a 10! The class materials were wonderful to have. The speed of the class was just right for me and it was challenging. It was stimulating. We all left the week with materials to work on and goals to reach."

From Intermediates

"Thomasina was great, as always. The music she provided was appropriate and her approach is both warm and professional. Her bringing in some improvisation was good for me as I’m slow to spread my wings. It was a good experience. Probably mostly because it wasn’t at all threatening."

"Excellent!! Thomasina is a great teacher. Very skilled at working with a class of people on a wide range of levels and making sure they all understand and get what they came to learn."

"A great session. Helped me understand chords better, capoing and various tunings. Presented techniques for flatpicking, strumming and some fingerpicking. “Sina” is a top=flight instructor. Went out of her way to help one with my problems. I can recommend her as an instructor – very knowledgeable. Learned several nice new tunes."

"Wonderful instruction, geared to student needs. I found her strategies extremely effective. Just a few minutes allowed to practice prior to executing w/ group was helpful. No teacher had ever done this for me. Her style was just what I needed to start relaxing and relation to music. She was very encouraging to all students. Thanks you, super tab!"