Fan Quotes

"I've only met you once, about seven years ago at Swannanoa but at that time I bought an older CD of yours, and on it, "The Great Storm is Over". It's time to thank you for your recording of that, whenever I hear it, it runs through my mind and lingers, and I've played it and sung it (close to) that way many times! Belated gratitude." - Annie Pal

"Thank you!!! It was truly our pleasure. Dan and I made it a goal to always treat the performers well. We enjoyed your concert so much. As a performer you have such depth, your music is only one facet of the show. Let us know if you are going to be in the area and we will be in the audience! Take care and keep the music going!" - Meg and Dan, Captain Charles Leonard House Concert Series, Agawam, MA

"Just a quick e-note to say i LOVE your CD!!! WOW. It's just fabulous! Gorgeous songs, your amazing voice, incredible musicality, and such tasteful beautiful arrangements!!! I just totally love it." - Joanne Hammil

"The dulcimer fairies must be hovering over my aura today... Thank you again for a wonderful class, for the gift of music, and after that last day, for the gift of each other." - Linda Hynson

"Hey there, I have been listening to your music. LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Lisa Reinhardt

"We are enjoying the new CD! I am glad the we stayed an extra day at Cullowhee to see your portion on the evening program. Yes, I have actually seen/heard Great Storm is Over at a memorial service. It is one of my favorite story songs and I love your version. Thank you for all of the decisions that you made that have led you to the path that you follow! You make this World a better sounding place." - David McKinney