Peer Quotes

"Thomasina sang so beautifully with her velvet voice, so true to pitch, and playing her collection of dulcimers" - Heidi Muller

"Thanks for giving me the copy of "Chasing Cloud Shadows." … I want you to know how much I LOVE IT! The title cut is very unusual and wonderful to listen to. The rhythms are great. “I’m on My Way” is one of my favorite songs now. Your "Red Rocking Chair" is completely individual and I highly approve of your treatment - again very original. You’ve added something very good to that song. This is one of my favorite "listening" albums. The artwork is also wonderful. I want to know who put the "package" together so I can hire them for my next CD. Beautiful. You go, girl. You’ve got a fan in me!" - Lois Hornbostel