Review Quotes

"Thomasina's latest album opens with the sound of sun chasing away the clouds, driving them over grassy fields and through whispering trees. That sound is captured through a dulcimer put to excellent use, and it joins with a fine vocalist and strong assistance to keep the skies clear through the appropriately titled Chasing Cloud Shadows. The dulcimer is a living river of sound, by turns wild and placid, but always a natural force powering the songs. Only Thomasina's voice could steal its limelight, and does...This is a fine album for fans of the dulcimer's sweeter side, or anyone looking to chase the shadows from their sky." - Sarah Meador, Rambles E-Magazine

"Thomasina’s sweet and soulful vocal styling...the beauty of this release becomes apparent with each successive listening...a wonderfully integrated contemporary collection of songs...a beautiful recording..." - Tom Druckenmiller, Sing Out! Magazine

"Holding Back the Night...combines great singing and song writing with  wonderful dulcimer arrangements - skillfully augmented by talented guests into a delightful listening experience." - Neal Walters, Dulcimer Players News