School Quotes

"You were wonderful, as usual!  We are in the process of sending a formal, "We loved your performance!"  The children and I have been listening to your music while we finish up the study of Connecticut. Peace, make our classroom so comfortable! Will send pictures and the kids' know me thoughts are in the right place...the heat is my excuse for a slight delay! Talk with you soon.  If we get our funding for social studies I will again ask you to start our CT Expo off.  You do the opening ceremony so well!" - Nancy Domoff, John Pettibone School, New Milford, CT

"The students have really enjoyed your residency… You really made an impression on our kids." - Norma Turcotte, Music Educator, Enfield, CT

"These are the most engaged students I have ever given a tour to at our museum. They really love the arts." - Docent, New Britain Museum of American Art

"Her impact on the entire fourth grade, as well as the entire school, was tremendous... She enthusiastically involved students in a variety of activities that integrated math, language arts, social studies, science and the arts... truly outstanding projects and programs." - Richard L. Watson, Principal, Myrtle Stevens School, Rocky Hill, CT

"Thank you so much for the outstanding work you have done with the 2nd grade at Squadron. This was my favorite Native American performance/informance that I have done in Simsbury because it was such an amazing experience for the kids and so much of it was student created. You have so many creative ideas and I really enjoyed working with you. Hopefully we can work together again!" - Donna Gallo, Music Specialist, Squadron Line School, Simsbury, CT

"We have thoroughly enjoyed your visit with us again. You have inspired so many students to “showcase” their talents. We want to extend our sincere appreciation to you for your hard work and commitment to our Bingham students and staff." - Jean Andrews, Principal, Bingham School, Bristol, CT

"Thank you for your presentation to our Exploring the Arts classes. Your presentation is the perfect segue into our dulcimer workshops. The background knowledge you provide the students is at a perfect level for them. You use language that they understand, yet you challenge them with new information about music, geography and storytelling through song. You do a good job of mixing in opportunities for audience participation to keep the students interested throughout your program. Oftentimes the biggest challenge for performers is understanding the audience, but you have no trouble in that area. You do a fine job of blending the entertainment with the teaching. Thanks for sharing your talent with our students again this year. We look forward to seeing you again." - John Frink, Joan Burr, Laurie Adams, Educators, Gideon Wells Public School, Glastonbury, CT

"I cannot describe the feeling I left school with last Friday. I was so proud of my class and I think that their performance was one of the most memorable experiences in my career. I even hummed our song all weekend!… I signed my class up for a road trip to share their song with the Board of Education. They help support the HOT school grant in our building and should enjoy this project." - Tricia Generalli, Educator, Alcott School, Wolcott, CT

"The assembly was just outstanding. Ellie and I agree that when you are in our building miracles begin to happen and with Leslie on board we were doubly blessed. Thanks again for a great residency. The students were totally immersed in the experience and I know that they are better writers for having this experience. One of our students visited his uncle in New Britain and suggested they go to the museum!!! That spoke volumes to all of us. He was able to explain to his uncle much about his visit to the museum.  So, the residency was a success for all of us. Thanks again to you and Leslie for designing and sharing your program. I don't think our children will view a painting quite the same...I know they will "Step into a painting....." - Happy New Year, Norma Turcotte, Music Specialist, Enfield, CT

"Thank you for helping my students make memories together!" - Janice D’Amico, Myrtle Stevens School, Rocky Hill, CT

"Thank you for sharing your gift of music and joy!" – Ilona Earle

"We loved it! Thanks for everything." – Cis Hinckey

"Sina, Words can’t express adequately what you’ve meant to Betty Jo, my class and me. Thanks for everything!" – Terry, Betty Jo and Class

"Thank you so much! The kids had a great time!" - Rosie Robbins